Want to know the where, when and how to buy Glastonbury Tickets? Well you’re in the right place! I like to think of myself as a bit of a pro in bagging the elusive golden tickets to Worthy Farm. I’m currently running on a 100% success rate woohooo (brag brag etc.) If you hadn’t realised, buying Glastonbury tickets is pretty nails. There are usually over 1 million people trying for just 135,000 tickets every year, and most years they sell out in 30 minutes flat. So as you can imagine it’s a bit of a scramble, and if you want to go to the best party on the planet you need to be PREPARED. I’m going to explain all the basic info on how to buy Glastonbury tickets, plus some extra bonus stuff on how to give you the BEST possible chance to be successful on ticket day, so here goes….


Glastonbury festival


When do tickets go on sale?

Coach package tickets go on sale first at 6pm BST on Thursday 4th October. As a green initiative, Glastonbury offer 15,000 people wanting to go by coach first dibs at tickets. You will need to select a departure point when you get through to the landing page, but won’t be given a date or time till closer to the festival date.

The main ticket sale is at 9am BST on Sunday 7th October.


Do I need to register?

YES! If you haven’t registered by 12 noon on Monday 1st of October, this is a non-starter I’m afraid. In a bid to stop ticket touting, every ticket has your picture on it. You need to register with your address and a good quality photo. Read the guidelines on photos carefully so yours isn’t rejected. It’s also worth double-checking that old registration numbers are still active before ticket day. You don’t want to be the plonka that made your whole groups’ booking fail because your account was purged from the system. Register HERE Get it sorted!


What information do I need to book?

You need your registration number, Postcode and payment details for all of the people in your group. Obviously you only need one card number (debit or credit card if in the UK/Credit card if abroad) you can sort out who owes who what later, right?


How many tickets can I buy?

Only 6 tickets can be bought at anyone time, only one ticket per person and everyone in your group MUST be registered and have a valid registration number.


How much does it cost?

Tickets for Glastonbury Festival 2017 are £248 + £5 booking fee each, however all you need to pay in October is £50 deposit, or £50 + coach fee if buying a coach package. You will need to pay the remainder of the balance in the first week of April, if you don’t your ticket will go back into the pot and be resold. SO DON’T FORGET!


how to buy Glastonbury tickets


Ok, so that’s the basics of how to buy Glastonbury tickets, THIS is how to give you and your mates the edge. And my own personal fool proof way of getting those golden tickets….read carefully…


1. Get in a group

The BEST way to increase your chances of being successful on ticket day is by organising you and your mates into groups of 6. Why 6? Well that is the maximum number of tickets you can buy at anyone time. DO NOT have people on multiple lists, the system will only let you buy one ticket per registration and if you get through with a duplicate the whole group will fail and you’ll all be pretty sad/angry so DON’T DO IT!


If there are more than 6 of you then you will need to divide yourselves into groups of 6 and once the first group has secured tickets, move onto the next group so that there are now 12 people trying for 6 tickets and so on until you’re all sorted. It’s best to have some sort of instant messenger open for this so you can keep in the loop.


2. Get other people to try for you

if your mum/brother/mate/ boss aren’t trying for themselves and they don’t mind hammering refresh at 9am on a Sunday morning, get their help too. The more people you have trying to get onto the ticket buying page, the better! 


3. Have everyone’s details Saved

Have everyone’s details saved into a document on your computer/phone open and ready to access. Tickets are not reserved until payment is accepted. That means potentially, you could get through to the ticket page, fill out all the details of you and your 5 mates and press confirm aaaaaannnd they’re all gone, you missed out! So it’s best to be fast and accurate. Typing out lots of 8 digit reference numbers, postcodes, names and payment details can take quite a long time in the realms of Glastonbury ticket day, and of course there is always room for human error. You do NOT want to make a mistake (game over for sure!) so best to have all the info in one word doc (or notes on you phone) so you can easily cut and paste all of the info. Nice and easy, and super quick!


4. Don’t use multiple tabs or browsers

the holding page will auto refresh and could mess things up if you manage to get through to the buying page on one of your windows, so best to just stick to one window/browser per device.


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5. Close everything else down on your device

Close all extra tabs, iTunes, Spotify or what ever else you’ve got running in the background of your computer down to make it as fast as possible.


6. Use multiple devices

but not if it’s going to slow down your connection! I use a laptop and my phone on 4G. I’ve gotten through on both on different years so one sort of device isn’t better than the other.


7. Visit the ticket-buying page

Visit the ticket buying page in advance of the ticket window opening so your browser caches it.


8. Join forums

Join forums and keep an eye on them before/during the ticket window opens. I like Glasto Chat on Facebook and EFestivals.co.uk. Lots of the members can provide handy info and many are willing to help buy tickets. I know Glasto chat organises groups of 6 if you need to buddy up. And Efestivals some times has handy little short cuts pop up, so definitely worth a look.


9. Twitter

Also keep an eye on Glastonbury Festival twitter account, and See Tickets who are the ticket agent for updates on the day.


10. And most importantly DON’T PANIC

If you do all of this and are still unsuccessful there are other opportunities for tickets, including resales in April and some other little secret ways, which I wrote about here.


So what did you think of my How to buy Glastonbury tickets guide? Do you have any other hints and tips for beating the mob to secure tickets? I’d love to know how you all get on, let me know in the comments. Any questions you have just ask away, I’m here to help 🙂


Best of luck   


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