You’ve just arrived back from an amazing weekend of dancing, drinking and laughing at that crazy festival you’d always wanted to go to. You met some amazingly brilliant people, discovered new bands and even quite enjoyed camping. Every time you look down at that brightly coloured bit of fabric on your wrist it makes you smile because it reminds you of one of the best weekends of your life! But then reality hits, “I’ve got to take this band off for work!!!” and then you scream, cry, drop to your knees, throw back your head and shout to the heavens WHHHYYYYY???…….ok maybe not, but at some point you gotta get that Festival wristband off one way or another.

Some people are quite happy to cut it off, throw it away and move on, but if you want to know how to get your festival wristband off WITHOUT CUTTING, here’s how…..

festival wristband

Excuse the slightly muddy hand, it was a very muddy Glastonbury Festival

Step One

Find a plastic bag, any one will do as long as it’s deep enough to put your hand into and so it comes 3 or 4 centimetres above the line of your wristband. A thin bag with handles, like this supermarket one (other supermarkets are available) is ideal.

plastic shopping bag

Step Two

Place your hand with the festival wristband on inside the bag.

How to remove festival wristband without cutting

Step Three

Tuck the ends of the bag underneath the wristband until the whole wristband is on top of the bag and no longer touching your bare skin.

removing wristband with plastic bag

Step Four

Pull the bag tight so that your fingers are touching the bottom of the bag.

skiddle banner

Step Five

Pull the top of the plastic bag down to where your fingers are and start pulling, the tighter your wristband is, the harder you will need to pull. The band should then roll off over your hand.

removing wristband plastic bag technique

Step Six

Marvel at your fulling intact wristband

remove festival wristband without cutting

I’d love to know if any of you try this method and how you got on? Also, what do you do with your festival wristbands once they’re off? make some sort of keep sake? display them? squeeze them back on? let me know in the comments.

Happy festivaling x




Lindisfarne Festival: 10 reasons why I’ll definitely be returning next year

Lindisfarne Festival: 10 reasons why I’ll definitely be returning next year

I’m not long back from Lindisfarne Festival, a brilliant 3-day end of summer blow out party on Beal Farm in Northumberland. It felt great to squeeze in a last HURRAH of the year in our old VW campervan, which was stranded down in Bristol for most of the summer after Glastonbury Festival… that’s a story for another day. However, with the campervan back in our possession we couldn’t wait to go festivalling again, and what an amazing festival it was!