Hi I’m Rachel. A former festival organiser and promoter turned blogger and digital nomad. I’ve quit the big city in search of fun filled travel, festivals and food. Having worked all over the UK and abroad in the events industry, I’ve become a bit of a dab hand at searching out great travel deals, finding really fun and unusual events and how to get tickets to sell out shows. I’d wanted a platform to be able to write about and share my adventures, tips and tricks for quite some time so thus Eat, Travel, Rave, Repeat was born…

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I definitely consider myself a foodie, and one of the best things about travelling is the variety food on offer, from food trucks to supper clubs and fine dinning restaurants. I love searching out the best local cuisine, and trying the latest food trends. And when it comes to festival food the drab burgers and stale pizza is out! I definitely judge an event by the quality of grub on offer.



I have always loved travel, since my first camping trip to the south of France when I was a kid it’s something that’s always excited me. Experiencing new cultures, meeting new people and trying out my (usually pretty bad) language skills. I’ve back packed around the world, lived and worked in a number of countries, stayed in hostels, apartments, swanky hotels and couch surfed (yes, it’s a real thing!) I’ve visited almost 40 countries now, but I still have a huge list of places I want to go and I always have a trip planned.

Koh Lanta Thailand


Ok so rave may not be the MOST accurate description of what I write about, but Eat, Travel, Festival/club/gig/show Repeat didn’t exactly fit nicely into the little song reference (cheers Fat Boy Slim ). I’ve worked in the events industry for 8 years and have worked on and attended some incredible events over the years. I love going to festivals as a punter too, but working in the industry has given me the inside info on what makes a great event, plus great little hacks to get the most out of the experience.

Limbo dancing tribe